About us

The courage to create, the desire to know and the freedom to exchange – the three main characteristics that each CEP researcher has. We are an open and goal-seeking organization that is constantly on the go for new travels, and in the meantime, it uses brave interactive and world-renowned creativity techniques and looks for new business ideas.

Our mission is to bring freedom to know and realize ourselves by creatively exploring the world of ideas.

Vision is a curious, open-minded society capable of creatively solving emerging challenges and boldly creating a smart environment.

We strive for every journey to be as memorable and meaningful as possible, so we bring together specialists in our field, business representatives from different fields and ambitious students. The key to this is:


We believe that the willingness to cooperate is the foundation of every successful journey, based on trust, respect, dedication, and responsibility for ourselves and everyone who lives next door.


We have no doubt that the main characteristic of each researcher is the unceasing pursuit of a search and interest and the desire to pass it on to another.


We have no doubt that in a coherent team each member has his own role and is able to fulfil it. Internal initiative allows us to make necessary on-the-spot decisions and helps to prevent all the dangers coming our way.


We want to help you discover yourself, and when you find it, encourage self- expression, because only in this way all the walls of comfort collapse!

Our main tools, without which there is no trip to the world of business ideas:

Design Thinking is a methodology that allows you to get rid of established stereotypes and common forms of problem solving. By using it we aim to free our creativity, find out the needs of the client, build prototypes and, of course, test possible solutions to the problem by realizing them.

Strategyzer (business model canvas and value proposition canvas) is a tool that we use to help uncover and highlight the key values of our company’s services or products, to systematically analyze the organization’s processes and create a unique business model.

Method Kit – a card methodology for modeling ideas, analyzing situations, organizing effective meetings and creative workshops. The main condition of this methodology is a team gathering, which discusses the areas of the problem that require the most attention.

Lego Serious Play is a guided approach aimed at enhancing communication between team members, understanding the organization and its role in it. During the use of this methodology, the participants’ internal insights are designed in the elements of the game, in order to get rid of the psychological frames.

Points of You is an awareness game that encourages inspirational communication skills, giving each participant the opportunity to ask important life questions, get answers and look at their future prospects.

Business Model You – a personal analysis method to look at yourself as a business enterprise. Participants have the opportunity to evaluate how their skills can be adapted to changing factors of surroundings.

Narrative Therapy Approach – the basic premise of this method is the separation of the problem from the person (each problem is only a problem, not the whole person). Therapy helps us figure out our relationship with troubles and provides ourselves with the answers we need to find out how they should be addressed, revealing our attitude towards ourselves and life aspirations.

So let’s start a journey and make an adventure together!