Case Study

If you are looking for non-standard, creative solutions to the problems of your company, we offer you to try out a unique training program and create an advanced business environment at the same time. The curriculum is based on world-renowned methodologies (Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play, etc.) that help generate creative ideas, build and detail strategy of your company, which would be orientated to the company’s internal processes.

 There are 4 different methodologies, that could be applied to your business:

  1. Students – academic level

During hands-on training, students from interdisciplinary areas will solve your company’s challenge by revealing their best qualities and skills. Your business will receive a new approach to internal processes, opportunities for development and a socially responsible image that promotes young people to succeed.

  1. Students + business representative (company employee) – academic business level

A unique opportunity to personally evaluate and monitor the growing Generation Z. During the training, a company employee spends 2 hours a week with students and solves the challenge presented by the company together, focuses on methodologies and their application.

  1. Company employees + VPC facilitator – innovation level

By using methodological process management tools, involving and motivating employees, we will pursue improvement of processes in the company. We will establish an ability to create an inspirational and supportive work environment that promotes new ideas and creative solutions. Employees spend 2-3 hours per week.

  1. The VPC Expert Team – the level of demand innovation

An exceptional opportunity to take advantage of a long-term experience of working with CEP experts and to entrust your company’s challenge to professionals. Within 2-3 months, we will provide you with an externally inspired innovation for your business, which will be extremely useful for implementing and improving a specific service or a product.

At any level, we give you the opportunity to promote your business, both within the university community and beyond. At the request of the company – we guarantee confidentiality.