Lego Serious Play

Lego Serious Play – an expierence based method meant for strenghtening relations of a team, understanding the organization and their own role in the organization. This method allows to understand the inner structures of the organization by projecting your own insight into game elements thus removing the psychological stereotypes and restrictions.

This method is based on  free communication, respecting and listening to one another. It enables every team member to share their insights and ideas on a playfield. This way a conprehensive 3D model is created which stays in ones’ memory longer than usual notes or word discussions.

Intergrating method to everyday life

In todays market effective communication is essential for success. Lego Serious Play method is suggested to use for bettering inner as well as outer communication.

This method relies on philosophy stating that every worker has unique ideas however, traditional work methods not always allow for those ideas to be expressed properly. Using the core principles of this method and ensuring mutual respect and understanding helps members of an organization to improve individually as well as a strong team. This allows to reach common goals of an organization without fear.

Structure of the practical tasks:

  1. Challenge – facilitator gives a question to the participants (e.g.: what’s your greatest strength?);
  2. Construction – participants create models based on the given task;
  3. Sharing – participants are asked to tell about their created model;
  4. Questions and reflection – facilitator makes additional questions and summarizes the insights during the reflection.