Method Kit

Method Kit – this method is meant for modeling ideas, organizing effective meetings and workshops by using cards. This helps create new ideas and expand on old ones as well as get basic and detailed review of the situation. Method is based on creativity and teamwork when all the participants discuss, organize and research sections of the projects that need more attention.

Most important tool of the method – cards, which have the most important matters for the organization, that help concentrate to urgent questions that are needed to be considered the most. In each of the card there is an important matter with a picture and a short description, which can help define and expand various type of projects. This also encourages responsibility of the group. Each set of cards consists of different matters divided into smaller categories (e.g.: technological factors, human resources, budget etc.)

Usually this method is used for: planning sessions, idea generating and for their development, end evaluation, however, this is also an excellent method for mash-up, brainstorming sessions as well as for modeling hackathons and similar projects.

Principles of the method:

  • A tool for encouraging visual and creative thinking;
  • Concrete information about the question at hand is provided on the card;
  • Provides only considerable matters at hand (what?), however, it doesn’t indicate how to develop them (how?) – freedom for creativity is provided;
  • Simple and informal culture of speech is used;
  • Method tries to find a middle ground between light chaos and concrete structure;
  • Discussion between team members is more important than a card;
  • Convenient tool for solving repetitive problems;
  • Tool encourages to ask important questions;
  • Focusing on important things and not the details;
  • Cards don’t provide the solutions, they only help to set priorities and direct the work on the most important sections.