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During the course of „Verslumo akademija“ the participants learn how to solve social, culturial or economic problems, create and carry out innovative buisness and social ideas. The theoretical and practical knowledge is connected during this program, there are a lot of projective and expierience based learning. This program also teaches to understand entrepreneurship as an ability to bravely and actively realize their own ideas in the market.

In the academy innovative, creative and leadership skills of students are encouraged by close relations with businesses’ or social organizations’ representatives. The representatives act as experts, sponsors and mentors to help realize those ideas. This program is made in collaboration with 50 partners from social and business organizations.

A goal of the program – to develop skills of a person with entrepreneurship in mind, whom can act independently, create business ideas and suggest how to carry out those ideas.

Study goals:

  1. To make a plan for developing business skills, estimating those skills using NLP, narative and cognitive behaviour therapy, Mindfulness, Lego Serious Play methods;
  2. To prepare a prototype for social or business idea in a real organization environment;
  3. To present a project for social or business problem case solving using Design Thinking, Business Model, Lego Serious Play methods.
  4. To work in a multi-disciplined team, to have discussions based on arguments and present work results.

Programs size: 33 credits

Study subjects:

  • Entrepreneurship skills (6 credits)
  • Idea laboratory (6 credits)
  • “Design thinking” method and prototype making (6 credits)
  •  Smart practise (15 credits)

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